*Quietly sneaking back in…*

So I’m just gonna ‘fess up. I maybe, sorta, might have neglected this blog a little bit. Ok…a lot. All my good intentions got hidden away in the back of my head and before I even knew it, almost a whole year has gone by! Tsk, tsk. I think my problem was that right out the gate I had all these grand ideas of doing amazing things when really what I want to be focusing on is just sharing a little bit of my journey and creations as I go. So with that in mind (grammar lovers, skip the rest of this sentence!), I’m making no promises, setting no deadlines and writing down no plans. I’m just going to pop in now and then when I feel like it! Some people work best with goals in mind or to-do lists. Me? I work best when I’m just doing things because I can. Oh don’t get me wrong, I can smash out a deadline just as well as the next person (high school teacher right here folks!) but when it comes to creativity, I like to just go with the flow. Anyway, enough talking. Here are a few photos to catch you up on some of latest (in the past year!) creations.

13.Sep 201406.Oct 2014

Stationery + crochet. What could be better?

10.Nov 2014

This awesome TRAP-ART fabric yarn from Chompa Handmade is great for chunkier items!

15.Nov 2014

I took part in The Great Christmas Market for the first time!! And loved every second of it!

23.Nov 2014

There was a bit of a trial with tapestry crochet – and I discovered that it’s a lot easier than it looks!

08.Feb 201515.Feb 2015

I also tested this gorgeous pattern for Emilie from Lehandmade – and then proceeded to make a ridiculous amount of bunny rabbits! Best pattern EVER.

1519885_320796594796849_5528206654277063329_o10433147_317319315144577_5741496471937437772_n (3)

And my current obsession is hot water bottle covers!

10407660_327926587417183_7949269481513634149_n (4)11127889_331423187067523_2254386913187510426_n 11295862_345803745629467_4007196966382003348_n

I even released my first ever pattern for a chunky hot water bottle cover using Moda Vera Elenna yarn (from Spotlight) which you can find here on Etsy!!


I am also currently working on a pattern for a hot water bottle cover using 8ply yarn so keep an eye out for that over the next week.

Now lets just hope it’s not another year before my next post…! xx


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