Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Whim 1

I am so excited to finally share this finished baby blanket! I wrote a little bit of background on it in an earlier post but just to quickly recap, I started this blanket a few years ago, decided it would make the perfect baby blanket, so put it away until the time came that I could finish it off when I had a baby on the way. And that time is now here!! (Just under four months away to be exact! As you can see in the photo below, there are still quite a few things we need to buy before baby arrives…a cot mattress being high on the list!)

Crochet Baby Blanket on cot by Once Upon a Whim 1

I actually completed this blanket just after Christmas but we have been quite busy over the last wee while and I didn’t have a chance to take any photos of the blanket that would do it justice. Speaking of photos, my progress shots are rather limited as I started on the blanket so long ago and I didn’t really take any photos when working on it – sorry!

Crochet square

Ok, onto a few project details!

Yarn: I used 100% cotton yarn for this blanket. The pastel yarn is Moda Vera Jalap from Spotlight (it has been discontinued now which is SUCH a shame because I loved the range of soft pastel colours). The white yarn is one of my favourite yarns to work with and is called Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton – it has such a soft, luxurious feel to it and always looks so delicious when worked up!

Pattern: I looked all over Pinterest for inspiration for this square and to be perfectly honest, I can’t even remember which combination of patterns I ended up using. I definitely based it on the Sunburst Square crochet pattern but comparing my squares to a few others on Pinterest, it looks like I may have modified the number of stitches – it was such a long time ago, whoops! I have written out a basic explanation of what I did below but there is also a really great step-by-step picture tutorial here from Eda’s Crochet Room (just bear in mind I only did 12 repeats of the stitches instead of the 15 stated in Eda’s Crochet Room tutorial).

US Terminology
Special Stitches:
puff stitch = *YO, insert hook into specified stitch, pull loop back through* (3 times), YO, pull yarn through all 7 loops on the hook, chain 1 to lock in place.
cluster stitch = *YO, insert hook into specified stitch, pull loop back through, YO and pull through 2 loops only* 4 times, YO and pull yarn through all 5 loops on the hook, chain 2 to lock in place.

Round 1: With Colour A, work 12dc into magic ring.

Round 2: Join Colour B to any dc. Chain 2, work puff stitch into same stitch and then into each dc around. Close round with a sl st into the second starting chain, fasten off.

Round 3: Join main colour to any ch1 space of previous round. Chain 2, work cluster stitch into same ch1 space and each ch1 space around. Close round with a sl st into the second starting chain.

Round 4: Slip stitch into 2ch space from previous round. Ch4 (this counts as first trc), 2 trc into same 2ch space, chain 2 (this creates the corner space) 3 trc into same space. 
*3dc into next 2ch space, 3dc into next 2ch space, (3trc, 2ch, 3trc) into next 2ch space.* Repeat from * to * 2 more times but on the last time, instead of working instructions in ( ), just join with sl st to fourth chain of starting chain 4 to complete the round. (You should have four corners of (3trc, 2ch, 3trc) with 2 sets of 3dc on each side.)

Round 5 (this round isn’t shown in the above photo but is just a round of a simple granny square): Sl st into 2ch corner space. Chain 3 (counts as first dc), 2dc into same 2ch corner space, ch2, 3dc into same 2ch corner space. 
3dc into next space between 3dc groups from previous rounds. Work (3dc, 2ch, 3dc) into each corner space from previous round. You should have four corners of (3dc, 2ch, 3dc) with three groups of 3dc on each side. Join with sl st to third chain of starting chain 3. Fasten off.

Crochet Baby Blanket project details by Once Upon a Whim

Colour combo: I knew that I wanted the main colour of the blanket to be white with pops of colour in the centre of each square. The pastel colours were the perfect shades for what I wanted so I ended up choosing three contrast colours (pink, purple and green) and then combined the colours into as many different combinations as I could (as shown in above photo). I also did squares of single colours. I then crocheted equal amounts of each different square. These are the colour combos I had:

  1. Green and pink
  2. Pink and green
  3. Green and purple
  4. Purple and green
  5. Pink and purple
  6. Purple and pink
  7. Solid green
  8. Solid pink
  9. Solid purple

Once I had made enough squares for the size I wanted, it was just a matter of laying them all out on the floor and piecing them together in a seemingly random layout…I’m pretty happy with the overall effect!

Crochet Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Whim 3

Border: I umm-ed and aaah-ed for a while over what sort of border to finish it off with and in the end decided to go with a simple sc border. I did five rounds of sc with about 3 chains on each corner to keep it nice and flat, and then on the fifth round, I did 3sc into the corner space to finish it off. I was so tempted to go with a more detailed, lacy border but in the end decided (with a lot of welcome input from my husband!) that it didn’t really need any extra embellishments – and I think the simplicity of the design really enhances the overall effect! Also, a little note on joining the squares: I used a hook half a size bigger than the recommended size for the yarn to join them (using this technique here from Attic24 which is my preferred way of joining squares). Using the slightly bigger hook helps the blanket stay nice and flat by avoiding crocheting the squares together too tightly, thus preventing them from bunching.

I really love this blanket – even more so knowing that our little GIRL is going to be wrapped up looking all cute and adorable in it!! Yay!

Crochet Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Whim 2

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