Ten must-follow crochet Instagram accounts 

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram. I go on it literally every day (I’m not even going to tell you how many times…). Now before you judge, let me first explain that this has a lot to do with only having one hand free while breastfeeding my little one (apparently some women can cook, clean and even do the grocery shopping while feeding their baby? Unfortunately, I haven’t had those magical powers bestowed on me) which results in a lot of time spent browsing through all the apps on my phone. But Instagram is in no way simply a pretty boredom buster! I joined Instagram a few years ago and have found it to be a place of inspiration, creativity and beauty. I have met some lovely people and made some beautiful friendships. Those little white-framed squares allow a glimpse into other people’s minds and there is no end to the creativity and imagination out there. So bearing that in mind, I have compiled a list of ten must-follow crochet Instagram accounts (in no particular order!):

1. @lehandmade

Emilie from @lehandmade has one of the most beautiful aesthetics in the crochet (and knitting) world. She is the creator of the Agapito bunny amigurumi pattern that I am so obsessed with, and many more equally gorgeous designs!

2. @darlingbebrave

Megan is not only my ultimate #crochetgoals (I’m obsessed with her crochet basket pattern!) but she has also become a dear friend. We first connected over a year ago after I read her blog post about struggling to become pregnant. It really struck a chord with me and perfectly articulated everything I was going through at the time so I decided to send her a quick message and we haven’t stopped talking since then! We ended up getting pregnant within a month of each other and now get to share the joys (and mysteries!) of motherhood at the same time.

3. @miskunn

Beautiful textures, lots of delicious yarn, soft colour palettes and intricate designs…what more could you want?

4. @thecottonpear

This Aussie gal has an incredible feel for style and texture. Made from 100% recycled fabric cotton, her range includes bowls, clutches, bags and tassels in stunning colour palettes!

5. @crochetgirlgang (bonus: @potterandbloom and @steelandstitch)

The ultimate crochet inspiration account! Emma and Emma from @potterandbloom and @steelandstitch have come together to create a wonderful community of crochet lovers.  All with the aim of sharing projects and cheering on each other!

6. @heartfromhazel

Aptly described as Couch Candy, these beautifully luxurious and chunky pieces are made here in NZ and look like they belong in the pages of Vogue – major crochet envy!

7. @thestoryofamulberry

The most intricate and beautiful tapestry crochet I have ever seen – @thestoryofamulberry definitely takes it to the next level! This is the sort of work that you just sit and stare at because it is so incredible. Seriously. Just look at it.

8. @allaboutami

Stephanie from @allaboutami seems to have a never ending creative flow. She is constantly bringing out new projects and designs – each one as fun as the last!

9. @crochetbyredagape

Fresh, colourful and oh so pretty! @crochetbyredagape never fails to brighten my feed – and my day!

10. @littlehappygorgeous

The cutest amigurumi you ever did see! Perfectly styled to show off every piece in all its character-filled glory.
That really only skims the surface of the amazing crochet creatives out there. Hopefully you found a few new accounts to follow from that list! What are some of your favourite crochet Instagram accounts? Or are you a crocheter with your own account on Instagram? Please let me know in a comment below as I am always on the look out for more crochet goodness!!

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The perfect beanie pattern

I’ve tried a few beanie patterns in my time, searching for the perfect one. In my opinion, it needs to have a little slouch but not so much that you have to stand in front of the mirror to style it. It also needs to be seamless; I used to always make my beanies on straight needles and then sew the seams together – and I would end up so frustrated at how ugly it looked! Then I learnt about circular needles and all my problems were solved. 

I recently purchased this pattern from Ozetta and I’m officially in love. This beanie pattern is everything I was searching for! The pattern itself is easy to follow and the result is a beautifully chunky, perfectly shaped hat with just the right amount of slouch. It also works up incredibly quickly, so I’ve been on a bit of a knitting spree over the past week!

I purchased the pattern combo which came with instructions for smaller sizes so I could make an adorable matching set – how stunning is my daughter?! I’m totally obsessed!

(By the way, this post isn’t sponsored in any way – I just love this pattern!)