The Great Christmas Market

Crochet coasters by Once Upon a Whim

This November was my third year participating in The Great Christmas Market at Founders Park in Nelson and it was just as fun as ever! I was a bit apprehensive when I applied for it this year as I knew I would have a six-month old baby which would definitely change a lot of things… But I decided to bite the bullet and I’m so glad I did! I actually felt like this year was the most organised I’ve ever been despite having less time to get ready in. I read an article today about how if you want to be more productive, you should have kids! Now I know that sounds like the biggest joke of the century but I think it had something to do with the idea that the less time you have, the more efficient you’ll be (ironically I just skimmed the article so don’t quote me on that!). Anyway, I definitely found that to be the case this year when preparing for the market as I knew that I would have a lot less time on my hands so whenever I got the chance, I would pick up my hook and crochet furiously. As a result, I ended up having more stock than previous years! On that same note, another thing that helped with getting my stock ready was deciding on some items that were practical and pretty but didn’t take hours and hours to make. Anyone who knits or crochets knows that a lot (and I mean a lot!) of hours can go into just one item so I needed something that I would be able to churn out as quickly as possible. These cute chunky storage bowls were perfect for meeting that brief and proved to be very popular on the day! I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of t-shirt yarn?

Crochet storage bowls by Once Upon a Whim
This year I really wanted my stall to have a crisp, clean and uncluttered look so I enlisted my husband’s help to make some plywood shelving for my market display. I was so happy with the outcome and loved the overall look of my display!

Crochet market display by Once Upon a Whim
The other major help was having an extra pair of hands the day before and day of the market thanks to my brother’s girlfriend (check out her beautiful blog here). Mackenzie was the biggest help with practically everything from visual display to pretty price tags to best-sidekick-ever on the day itself. She even tackled some extremely rough and precarious terrain on our forage for wildflowers the day before! 

Crochet market display by Once Upon a WhimAll in all, the market was a great success. So many other wonderful stalls to check out run by such talented and creative New Zealand makers – I really did feel so honoured to be a part of it!

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